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Internet Concepts is the Luton Website Design and Web Development team behind Web Design ICE.  We are a multi-talented team offering Luton web design, web development, Luton graphic design and software development solutions. We also provide search engine optimisation services for Luton small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) and companies operating throughout the UK, ensuring that within a period of time, your new website will appear at the top of all searches for your relevant industry.

Our highly experienced and creative web design team can complete any Luton website design and development project, within budget and on time and even include free website hosting, so you avoid any headaches and deal with just one quality and reliable provider for all your web and creative needs.

Call us free on 0800 279 5462 today to find out how Luton Web Design ICE can help to provide you with a market leading web design and development solution for your Luton business.

Luton Web Design

Website design entails so much more than just creating a design that is fresh and appealing. Any website that is to become successful as a sales and marketing tool needs to be intuitive and easy to use for both first-time and repeat visitors. We design our websites using our very powerful and user friendly ICE Content Management System (CMS) which gives power, flexibility and scalability to all of our websites, ensuring our clients are well prepared for the future of their business and the rapidly changing online environment.


Luton Web Development

Website development is a broad term used to describe a wide range of web technologies and services. At Luton Web Design ICE we are able to cater for everything from advanced intranet applications and E-commerce solutions to simple HTML and CSS projects. Whatever the functionality required, we can provide you with a consultative and holistic approach, whilst ensuring all your business needs are met. We offer a full analysis of you requirements and conduct an implementation review to minimise any roll out issues.


Luton Graphic Design

Our wide range of services and business-driven approach differentiates us from typical Luton web design companies and design agencies. We can carry out your design requirements across all medias, making us a ‘one stop shop’ for all your design and marketing needs. With our technical and strategic thinking and a high quality graphic design - accompanied with personal attention and competitive prices, we believe we have the right attitude to really make a difference to your Luton business.


Luton Logo Design

The foundation stone of marketing is of course, a company's identity - its brand, its personality and its values. Whether working from its birth in areas such as generation, registration, positioning and creation or the evolutionary or revolutionary development of an existing identity, we will work in partnership with you in this area of paramount importance.


Luton Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is generally a service that involves a lot of money and a lot of risk. We remove this risk by adopting proven methodologies and applying years of experience to ensure that your money is guaranteed to have positive results. SEO is considered to be one of the most cost effective promotional tools in marketing for generating a higher volume of targeted sales. We use the latest ethical Website Optimisation techniques with an aim to drive valuable targeted traffic via the natural search results of Google, Yahoo! and Bing.


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Front End Luton Web Design

The first stage of any Luton Web Design ICE's website development project is the front end development which turns our clients approved graphic designs into HTML and CSS.  All our Luton Web Design ICE projects are professionally graphic designed by our in-house graphic design specialists which work closely with our clients to ensure that we capture your company's ethos and reflect this in a stylish and creative design. Only once our client has approved their web design do we proceed to implement this into the website, so if we don't get this right first time, we will revise our design until the client is 100% happy. Through years of experience we have found that involving our clients closely in this design phase can we be certain that they will be happy with the final look and feel of their website - considering the website will have a lifecycle of many years, it is imperative that the customer is happy with it!

The majority of Luton website developers will simply use a 'What You See Is What You Get' (WYSIWYG) editor such as Dreamweaver, to convert your website into HTML. Dreamweaver is a very popular editor in the market today, although it is pretty basic, with standard 'drag and drop' functionality which enables people with often very little web design knowledge to piece together and design web pages. As you might expect, this therefore results in an unprofessional end product, which is why at Web Design ICE Luton we never use this sort of editor.

Unfortunately websites designed and built using a WYSIWYG editor will suffer from all of the following problems:

  1. HTML will lack flexibility and suffer from accessibility issues, reducing your target audience
  2. Updates to the site will result in loss of quality to already low quality HTML
  3. The code becomes very messy, which in-turn makes it difficult to update and maintain in the future
  4. Web pages will not be search engine optimised, which is key to any Luton web design project
  5. Only uses a small amount of HTML and CSS which is a reflection of overall poor web design
  6. Contain numerous coding errors, which can cause cross-browser compatibility issues and invariably confuse search engines, again reducing your target audience

So to avoid these pitfalls, all Web Design ICE Luton web design projects are designed and constructed in a manner so that every single page is hand-coded using scaleable, semantic, keyword-rich HTML. This has the following major benefits:

  1. HTML and CSS is provided free of errors and compatible with major web browsers
  2. HTML is scaleable, meaning any content can be changed to fit any requirements and the size of the site can be increased infinitely without degradation
  3. HTML is constructed in a way to best inform search engines what that page is about
  4. The resultant website will be fully compatible with all screen resolutions
  5. All our code is clean & minimal, resulting in pages that are easy to manage and update

Once your Web Design ICE Luton website has been meticulously coded in HTML, the next stage is to add features and facilities to the user interface and move onto the back end web design.

Back End Web Design Luton

Once a Luton Web Design ICE project has been through our rigorous front end website development stage, it is then handed over to our back end developers where they begin working their magic. This is the stage where all the 'behind the scenes' work goes on; i.e. the front end of the website is connected to programming functions and databases that will make the website actually work and come together.

Luton Web Design ICE have experience of and can support web developments using all of the following languages and protocols:

Programming Languages

Stylesheet Languages

Markup Languages


Query Languages












MS Access



















Ruby on Rails






In the unlikely event that we are unable to meet your requirements with any one of the above programming languages, then we will certainly be able to using a combination of them to provide the desired solution. Web Design ICE Luton's approach to programming is fully object-orientated and modular, meaning that all of our Luton web developments are created with scalability in mind, so as your business and requirements grow, we are able to simply “plug in” additional modules to provide the additional functionality required.

This fully modular ensures that no investment is ever thrown away as the system you start off on day one will certainly be future proofed and grow over many years, with additional functionality being purchased on a simple and scalable “price per module” basis typically ranging from between £500 - £750 per module.  The payment module for example will convert your website to a full E-commerce website, with the ability to process payments online using one of our approved Payment Service Providers (PSPs), with which we have extensive experience of integrating.

We have developed our own in-house fully comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) over several years, enabling us to build any website providing content management on very solid and strong foundations. This CMS system forms the real framework for all Web Design ICE Luton projects as all customer developed modules are simply plugged into the framework and then become fully editable via the Content Management System framework.

We are firm believers in empowering our customers to be able to control of their own website without having to pay costly hourly charges for the web developers to make simple text and graphic changes unlike some other Luton web design companies.

Luton Web Design Standards & Compliance

W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) is the main industry governing body for the web. W3C set out guidelines and offer verification tools to ensure that your website is built following the Industry Standard coding practices. The W3C also govern a variety of other coding languages such as XML, SOAP and SSML. Luton Web Designers, such as Web Design ICE who follow the guidelines set out by the W3C can expect their websites to benefit from:

  • Better Search Engine Rankings.
  • Better Universal Browser Compatibility.
  • Better collaboration between other web designers and developers.

The 2 main W3C standards that we practice are XHTML and CSS. To see if your web site has been constructed to the coding guidelines set out by the W3C please Click Here.

Luton Web Design History

Website design has come a very long way since the Internet’s very first website back in the early 1990s. The majority of websites back then and even still today, are presented in a computer language called HTML (HyperText Markup Language). HTML is currently in its’ 4th version, with the next major version, HTML 5 currently being rolled out. HTML 4 has been the core Internet Mark-Up language for nearly 10 years now.

Since the conception of HTML, the exponential growth of the Internet has spawned an array of thousands of other development languages, software and mediums that are used to produce modern, attractive and dynamic websites. At Web Design ICE Luton we are seen as pioneers in the industry, constantly pushing new boundaries and developing new techniques to enable us to provide world class Luton website design solutions at affordable rates for our customers.

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